Simplify Workers' Compensation Claims Management with IPD 

Part of the complexity of workers’ compensation claims is that they require the collaboration between many participants across multiple systems. While it’s no mystery that cumbersome and outmoded claims processes mean lower productivity, the solution can often seem just as daunting as the problem. Insurers can either entirely replace existing systems or modify them in sequence over time. The first option is costly in terms of capital, the second in terms of efficiency.

There is a third and best option - IPD's Claims Management Solution, built on the Appian platform. By optimizing existing data repositories and coordinating operations with a new interface, Appian “replaces” the fragmented systems (without physically ripping and replacing them) and processes with a user experience that is seamless, consolidated and comprehensive. Knowledge workers can manage information and content in any form, from any source, all in one streamlined environment. Appian's immediate utility and low cost offer a “hard-dollar” ROI that similar platforms simply cannot claim.

In a climate of mounting complexity, the challenge to become more competitive at lower costs may seem an impossible one. With the intelligence of Appian's low-code development platform, and the hidden power of your existing line-of-business systems, IPD Solutions' clients realize the same gains that their top competitors have: 

  • Improved service times
  • 50%+ reduction in cycle times
  • 45% increase in employee productivity
  • Predictive modeling to get members back to work quicker