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Content and processes are the foundation of your organization. So what solution can effectively manage both these critical aspects—without the need for costly customizations? The answer: Ultera Foundations.

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What is Ultera Foundations?

Ultera Foundations is a proven, web-based content and process management application capable of supporting departmental operations and business units.

Our application includes pre-built modules that enable quick, easy implementation in as little as 30 days. It is integrated with IBM products like IBM Case Manager, ensuring your organization is supported by tried-and-true technology.

In short, Ultera Foundations is an out-of-the-box solution that can effectively reduce the time and costs associated with the implementation of your organization’s content and process management efforts.

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What can Ultera Foundations do for your organization?

Ultera Foundations can:

  • Store, access, retrieve, version, and index content across the organization.
  • Enable document reviews and approval workflows.
  • Route content and work data from one point or person to another, either according to preconfigured rules or to meet ad-hoc requests.
  • Automate task execution and completion, resulting in significant productivity increases for your users.
  • Make each step of user work processes intuitive with a highly configurable user interface.
  • Provide a stable, scalable system environment that can easily grow as your business needs evolve through configuration. Opportunities to tailor the system through integration or customization are also supported.
What can Ultera Foundations do for your organization - IPD Solutions

How can you start effectively managing your content and processes?

Your best path forward begins with Ultera Foundations. It’s purpose-built to handle diverse use cases such as customer acquisition and onboarding, customer service, case management, incident management, appeals and grievances, policies and procedures, and many more.

Schedule a free Discovery Call today to tell us more about your unique content and process needs and see how Ultera Foundations can drive increased efficiency in your organization.

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Start effectively managing your content and processes - IPD Solutions