Ultera® is an out-of-the-box application that enhances the base set by Ultera Foundations®. Ultera® provides an even more robust set of features tailored to address your company’s specific process needs. The configuration possibilities are endless. Ultera® can create custom worksheets, print complete cases with a couple clicks of a button, automatically attach trailing documents and more.

Ultera® is a web-based application made up of a wide-variety of modules designed to help your organization effectively manage its workflow and business process from start to finish.

The Ultera® Modules include:

  • Ultera® Application Engine – Facilitates the creation and management of units of work ("work items") to be processed.
  • Content – Contains the features and functions for managing the documents within your system.
  • Dynamic Worksheets – Provides a framework for configuring and displaying sophisticated e- forms to the user.
  • Reporting  Enables users to easily produce reports on work item activity and workflow performance.
  • Attachment Handler – A behind-the-scenes mechanism that monitors late-coming (trailing) documents and matches them with appropriate work items.
  • Scan Distribution – Automatically routes the new work to a designated knowledge worker when a new document is entered into the content repository.
  • Print Case – Gathers all the information and documents from a case and prints with a couple clicks of a button or saves it to a PDF. 
  • Forms – Gives your in-house team the power to design, integrate and implement user interfaces that address the unique demands of your business and collect key information during work processing.

IPD is one of only a few companies building repeatable solutions from simple to the most complex of use cases in Claims, New Business & Enrollments, Customer Service, Knowledge Worker Case Management, Exception Claim Handling, Investigations, Appeals & Grievances,Prior Authorization, Underwriting and other areas.