A Sophisticated, Customizable System To Take Your Content Workflow To The Next Level

You’ve started on your content and process management journey, but your efforts are siloed in one or two departments. Scaling these efforts across multiple functional areas is the logical next step to see enterprise-level results. Our proven, IBM-based solution can help.

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What is Ultera Enterprise?

Ultera Enterprise is a sophisticated, web-based digital business automation application for organizations that want to improve efficiency and cycle times in every business unit. As its name implies, our application software helps manage and automate content and business processes across the enterprise—all functional areas.

Many organizations find that baseline Ultera satisfies a wide variety of use cases through configuration alone. For those with specific needs or requiring a highly tailored solution, Ultera Enterprise can be extended through a variety of product assets, including SDK. Optional software modules and preconfigured solutions for a variety of use cases are available to address niche requirements and promote an accelerated deployment.

In addition, Ultera Enterprise is powered by IBM’s Digital Business Automation platform to provide industry leading capture, content management, business process automation, and business rules capabilities.

What can Ultera Enterprise do for your organization - IPD Solutions

Want to know how Ultera Enterprise could work for your organization?

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What can Ultera Enterprise do for your organization?

Ultera Enterprise can:

  • Enable enterprise-wide collaboration through shared content and processes.
  • Establish a robust business process management environment for designing, executing, and monitoring workflows.
  • Enable enterprise content management, including capturing, storing, versioning, and indexing paper and electronic documents of hundreds of file types.
  • Conduct and present business analytics for predicting and optimizing operational outcomes.
  • Integrate with legacy and other systems to enable the retrieval and aggregation of disparate data.
  • Support a user base in the thousands.
  • Serve your specific enterprise needs, however niche, through customization.
What can Ultera Enterprise do for your organization - IPD Solutions

How can you start effectively managing your content and processes across the organization?

Your best path forward begins with Ultera Enterprise. It’s purpose-built to handle use cases as diverse as onboarding, incident management, complaints and grievances, contract administration, claims processing, and more.

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