Integrate Content and Process Management with Advanced Analytics, Business Rules, Collaboration and Mobile Software

IPD provides Business Process Applications for Health, Life, Disability, and Property & Casualty (P&C) insurance companies, Financial Services and Cross Industry. What differentiates IPD from “toolkit” vendors is a pre-built, fully supported solution called Ultera®, which delivers specialized functionality designed for each industry.

The primary advantages of implementing an IPD solution versus custom development with a "toolkit" are:

  • Rapid deployment through configuration for your business needs. No custom design/development costs, duration or risk
  • Much greater initial functionality, thereby enhancing ROI
  • Fully supported with upgrades, enhancements and new releases
  • Domain specific user interfaces allowing knowledge workers to make decisions quickly and accurately
  • Easy integration with legacy systems through the use of open standards and a suite of open API’s
  • Proven software equals lower implementation and business risks, as well as industry leading scalability and performance

Every day, for more than twenty years, many of the country’s largest insurance companies have depended on IPD solutions to automate their mission critical business processes. Ultera® eliminates hundreds of labor-intensive tasks, improves customer service levels, reduces costs and provides strategic business agility.

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Highly Configurable Insurance Business Process Automation Software Designed To Address Your Unique Needs

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IPD Provides Industry-Specific Business Process Software for Every Segment of Insurance and other Industries