Streamline Prior Authorization Processing With Ultera

Optimal decision making for authorization requests requires speed and accuracy, but reliance on paper-based processes works against both. With Ultera® for Prior Authorization, IPD clients streamline authorization processing and realize the benefits of smarter decision making, better customer service, and higher productivity,

If your knowledge workers are hindered by outmoded, manual processes and inefficient workload management, prior authorization software from IPD can transform your operations without replacing your business systems.

By adding an integrated set of new capabilities to the authorization process, IPD Ultera®…

  • Reduces duplicate submissions
  • Streamlines work processes
  • Eliminates manual and paper-based transactions
  • Consolidates all decision-making tasks, information, rules and history
  • Distributes work to the right staff, providing a collaborative workbench
  • Promotes quality and consistency with integrated rules
  • Leverages the power of existing line-of-business and content-management system

For the customer awaiting a specialist or medical procedure, an authorization request carries a sense of urgency. But when decision makers must rely on manual tasks within error-prone, paper-based systems, the outcomes are often delayed and accompanied by customer frustration. Ultera® for Prior Authorization brings speed and efficiency to the decision-making process by eliminating the paper and presenting all case-related data and documents in a single user interface.

IPD’s prior authorization software transforms operations by bringing to your existing business systems capabilities that provide…

  • Improved workload and case management
  • Rules to drive decisions and workflows
  • Easy-to-access audit trails and information consolidation for at-a-glance decision making
  • User interfaces specifically designed to meet prior authorization needs
  • Modern user interfaces that enhance the usability of existing line-of-business systems
  • Straight-through processing for selected cases, tasks and requirements
  • Reporting and dashboards
  • Task and requirements management
  • Distribution and management of work
  • Industry-leading Content Management
  • History and Case Plans