For the P&C company, a significant factor in bottom line success is claims payouts, making optimization of claims operations essential to competitiveness and profitability. A claim must be settled quickly or the company risks losing future revenue. But when analytical work has to give way to clerical tasks because the operation is dependent on manual, paper-based processes, time to settlement is invariably drawn out and the potential for lost revenue increases.

Loss can also result from underwriters being bound by manual tasks. Time spent handling documents or managing the growing range of correspondence media – fax, mail, email, voicemail, text – is time taken from the work of analysis. Again, manual processing slows decision making and increases the likelihood of lost future revenues.

IPD Ultera® lets P&C adjustors and underwriters focus on their primary work – analysis and decision- making. By delivering integrated, intuitive and highly automated “workbenches” specifically designed for claims and underwriting, Ultera® eliminates hundreds of manual tasks. All relevant data, documents and work related information are at the knowledge worker’s fingertips for a 360-degree view.

Ultera® is neither a costly full system replacement nor a long-term program of customization. It is anout-of-the-box suite of capabilities that leverage the power of your existing business systems.

With compelling ROI, rapid deployment and low risk, Ultera transforms P&C operations…

  • Speeds up cycle times
  • Streamlines work processes
  • Eliminates manual and paper-based tasks
  • Consolidates all decision-making tasks, information, rules and history
  • Distributes work to the right staff, providing a collaborative workbench
  • Promotes quality and consistency with integrated rules
  • Leverages the power of existing line-of-business and content-management systems

IPD Ultera® meets the unique needs of property & casualty insurers. Learn more about Claims,New Business & Enrollments, Customer Service, Knowledge Worker Case Management,Exception Claim Handling, Investigations, and Prior Authorization.