Property and Casualty (P&C) Claims Automation Software

Over 75% of an examiner’s time is spent interacting with data—searching, assembling, reading and understanding information on each claims case. Sources for this data come in many forms: phone, web, paper, fax, etc. The result is a cumbersome process fraught with gaps and redundancies, long cycle times and high costs. The complexity of this process also makes it a high-value focus area for improvement. Automation of the receipt, retrieval and routing of data and documents is a key strategy for improving P&C business outcomes. The alternatives for implementing such a change are drastic: replace the existing line-of-business systems or work indefinitely to retrofit existing systems piecemeal over time.

IPD Solutions provides a third and best alternative: Using the client’s existing line-of-business systems and Appian's low-code development platform, our P&C Claims Management solution completely eliminates manual searching, sorting and case assembly by providing a single user interface. No more navigating in and out of different applications—with Appian and IPD, knowledge workers can manage all information and content in any form, from any source, all in one streamlined environment. Our solution's immediate utility and low cost offer a “hard-dollar” ROI that similar products simply cannot claim.

In a climate of mounting complexity, the challenge to become more competitive at lower costs may seem an impossible one. With the intelligence of Appian and the hidden power of your existing line-of-business systems, IPD Solutions clients realize the same gains that top market competitors have have…

  • 45% increase in employee productivity
  • 50%+ reduction in cycle times
  • 100% management control of work-in-process
  • 6 to 8 week, agile sprints with instant ROI