Out-Of-The-Box Business Process Software for Individual Life Insurance Operations

Because the first offer of Life coverage is usually the one accepted, improving cycle times is often a key focus in performance-accelerating efforts. Getting applications through underwriting in a timely and accurate way is – now more than ever – necessary to staying competitive.

IPD Ultera® provides this competitive edge by eliminating inefficient processes, streamlining workflows and accelerating accurate decision-making by consolidating all processes, data and documents in one easy-to-navigate desktop. Our solution operates enterprise-wide, transforming operations.

IPD Ultera® delivers this transformation without the cost of system replacement or the inefficiency of continuous retrofitting. By leveraging the data residing in current administrative systems and the processes and content of a feature-rich IBM ECM platform, Ultera® replaces the fragmented manual systems and processes with a user experience that is seamless, consolidated and comprehensive.