Advanced Case Management Software for Knowledge Workers

Today’s modern workforce is heavily dependent on knowledge workers to make good business decisions in increasingly complex and demanding work environments. IPD clients meet this challenge with Ultera®, an out-of-the-box suite of case, content and process-management capabilities.

Leveraging your existing business systems, Ultera® delivers Advanced Case Management that results in…

  • Increased revenues
  • Lower costs
  • Streamlined case management
  • Improved customer service
  • Competitive differentiation
  • Reduced complexity
  • Increased productivity

By adding an integrated set of new capabilities, the Ultera® Knowledge Worker Edition…

  • Speeds up cycle times
  • Streamlines work processes
  • Eliminates manual and paper-based transactions
  • Consolidates all decision-making tasks, information, rules and history
  • Distributes work and exceptions to the right staff, providing a collaborative workbench
  • Promotes quality and consistency with integrated rules
  • Leverages the power of existing line-of-business and content-management systems

If your knowledge workers are limited by manual, paper-based tasks, Ultera® can leverage your existing business systems, eliminate the paper and transform your case-management operations. Ultera® offers a box application delivering a suite of content and process-management functionality

Ultera® Knowledge Worker Edition adds capabilities that provide…

  • Competitive differentiation through smarter, faster and more consistent case management
  • Optimized structured and ad-hoc workflows through integrated user interfaces
  • Greater agility as knowledge workers focus on high-value work
  • Streamlined business processes through imbedded rules, ease of use and training, supported collaboration and better work assignment
  • Improved service through reduced cycle times, rapid access to all case-related information and increased “first call” resolution rates
  • Consistency as organizational requirements are met with better control of the work process
  • Collaboration through unified processes and lines of business
  • Reduced error with standardized data collection and classification
  • Improved compliance through detailed audit trails of all case-related work
  • A “hard dollar” ROI in under 12 months through automating hundreds of manual activities