Manage Growing Volumes of Structured & Unstructured Informaiton

The most agile and competitive companies are those that best capture, govern and manage the growing volumes of structured and unstructured information pouring into their organization. But, as the amount of work continues to rise, organizations are increasingly baffled as to how to best support the knowledge worker responsible for meeting operation goals.Dependence on manual, paper-based processes makes this challenge more daunting. The amount of time that staff and knowledge workers must allot to clerical and other low-value duties only rises as work volume increases and manual tasks multiply.

A Real Life Example
AAA Life, a client of IPD, was faced with this very problem. Not only were they swimming in paper, but they were having difficulty tracking and managing work due to inefficient processes.

AAA Life turned to IPD to optimize processes, enhance customer service and create an operational transformation while being easily adaptable for future business needs.

The objective was to:

  • Provide a 20% improvement on underwriting costs 
  • Eliminate paper-based processes 
  • Create an agile and flexible environment for business expansion
  • Add new functionality in customer service, annuities and claims

The project completed under budget, on schedule and met the requested requirements. AAA Life expects to impact staffing levels by 20 to 35% in the core and support areas. A combination of eliminating paper and automating workflow are driving the largest savings.