Leverage Case and Process Management

Consumer facing organizations are under continuous pressure to reduce costs — while simultaneously improving customer service and retention. When a customer submits a complaint, organizations require the means to respond quickly and efficiently. In many industries, regulatory requirements dictate how a complaint is handled and how quickly an organization must respond. Although response time requirements vary across industries, it is always in the best interests of an organization to respond as rapidly and accurately as possible.

The ability to share files for team decision-making is vital to the process. Because multiple departments may be involved, controlling and enforcing due dates for actions is a must, as is providing secure access to documentation across the enterprise. The ability to report on the complaint, grievance or appeal process for auditing purposes is paramount. Ultimately, the goal is to make the resolution process as seamless as possible and retain the customer.

The IPD Solution

Ultera provides the tools necessary to address complaints and appeals with the utmost speed and efficiency, saving money, ensuring compliance via easily tracked audit trails and expedient processes, and promoting customer satisfaction.

Ultera quickly moves paper grievances and appeals to digital form and routes them automatically and securely, reducing cycle times dramatically. Automation of processes and dozens of manual tasks enables your organization to manage the grievance process smoothly, efficiently, and economically; complying with regulations and meeting customer expectations.

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