Bogged Down by Content?

Insurers continue to transform the enterprise, optimize business agility, increase customer engagement, and remain compliant in an ever-increasing regulatory environment. However, they require new solutions to continue to improve operations. IPD helps organizations organize the right content, people, processes, rules and analytics to achieve improved claims processing, streamlined underwriting and enhanced customer experience.

How It Works:
When new information is submitted, via any channel, IPD's software evaluates the incoming data, determines if there is an existing claim, application, or other unit of work in the system and automatically takes the appropriate action, including setting up a new “automated case folder” and moving it to the right next step.

What it Does:
Knowledge Workers can retrieve complete information in seconds versus minutes. They are able to gain a 360 degree operational view of the case. Insurers can leverage flexible workflows to accommodate variable requirements, collaboration tools to connect with co-workers, and methods to launch new projects and tasks to move the case forward.

What is the Result:
IPD's clients report accelerated, highly accurate claims payments, greatly reduced policy booking times, quick turnaround on resolving inquiries and meeting compliance standards.