Implementing Digital Process Automation Solutions—Within Budget And Without The Headache

You’ve expended your valuable time identifying an IPD solution that will transform your organization’s business operations. Our well-developed implementation approach ensures those efforts don’t go to waste.

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In our highly collaborative implementation process you’re a participant, not a spectator. By being involved in every step of the process, you’ll own the solution when implementation is complete.

Before Implementation

Our process automation solutions change the way your organization operates, so before implementation begins, we’ll help prepare you for the transformation. Our expert consultants will work with you to define your options, understand trade-offs, and pave the way for success, advising you on all aspects of the process, from where process automation will have the most impact to how well the technology will fit within your existing enterprise architecture. As part of the readiness phase, we’ll collaborate with you closely and offer the following assistance:

  • Feasibility studies/cost-benefit analyses to help you understand potential tangible and intangible benefits necessary to prioritize and justify a process automation solution.
  • Proof-of-concept services to quickly understand how the solution can benefit your organization and overcome specific areas of risk or concern.
  • Requirements mapping to determine how closely baseline software can satisfy specific functional and technical requirements and where customizations may be needed.
  • Readiness assessments to determine how well your organization is prepared to embrace process automation and where challenges may exist that require ongoing development and support.

During Implementation

After fully preparing you for what’s to come, we work with you to establish a realistic scope that considers the functionality of the solution and the work that must occur to achieve that functionality.

Our five-phase process for developing and incorporating the solution ensures that you achieve the desired results within a reasonable timeframe and to the specifications we agreed upon.

  • Conceive – Together, we’ll determine what functionality the solution needs to have to achieve the results you want to see. We’ll provide solution conceptual design, determine the role, if any for customization/integration, and plan and manage the implementation project.
  • Design – Second, we’ll turn the “what” of the system into the “how,” determining the logical design of the solution, including data structure, processing specifications, interface, and more.
  • Create – The next goal will be determining what functionality is delivered through configuration versus custom development and what’s involved in supporting the completed solution.
  • Deploy – Here we put the solution into play through integration, project management, solution configuration, content repository migration planning and delivery, and more.
  • Realize – Finally, we’ll see and measure results, supporting any adjustments necessary to optimize intended benefits through benefit assessments and end-user empowerment.

After Implementation

With our solution integrated in your operations, we look to add value by providing ongoing support and solution refinement. Business needs can change rapidly, and we ensure our solution maintains peak utility.

In practical terms, this means transferring knowledge with subject matter experts and training staff, end users, and IT staff, helping them to better understand the capabilities of the system within your organizational context.

To provide further value, we also offer:

  • Maintenance and support for both baseline and client-specific customizations
  • Consultative assistance that may include identifying opportunities to enhance the implemented solution or leveraging installed software to serve additional use cases across the enterprise
  • Additional integrations with existing system to provided increased automation and a more efficient end user experience
  • Refining of the configuration/design of the solution for producing greater efficiencies


Our clients view our technology as a significant strategic differentiator. Here’s one organizational leader’s take:

“IPD Solutions has a demonstrated track record for delivering mission critical content and process solutions. IPD Solutions and IBM create a dynamic solution that is tough to match.”

— SVP/ CIO, major life insurer

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