IBM + IPD Solutions: Releasing The Full Potential Of Digital Business Automation

When it’s time to change your enterprise process automation technology due to lacking functionality, capability, or scalability, IBM’s Digital Business Automation (DBA) platform is where you should turn.

IPD Solutions has partnered with IBM for over 25 years. Our Ultera Enterprise and Ultera Foundations application layer software are built on top of IBM’s Digital Business Automation (DBA) technologies—reducing complexity and tailoring the platform experience to optimize your workflows.

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Digital Business Automation Solutions

IBM’s DBA product ecosystem revolves around the five critical areas of automation shown below: data capture, tasks, content, workflow, and decisions. Each component may serve as a point of entry to the greater platform and can be used as needed to address specific organizational or use case requirements.


Datacap [Data Capture]

IBM Datacap is a technology that provides for the capture, recognition, and classification of content, including printed and digital text, video, audio, and other forms of content. Classification capabilities are rich and are capable of classifying and extracting content, even from unstructured documents. IPD Solutions is skilled at the installation and configuration of Datacap and have a deep understanding of how it complements the overall DBA solution.

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Datacap-IPD Solutions

Case Manager / Business Process Management [Tasks + Workflow]

IBM Case Manager and Business Process Management facilitate the automation of structured and ad-hoc workflows, and support both transaction and case-centric processes. This technology provides caseworkers with consistent access to information, workflows, tasks, and analytics. Ultera serves to accelerate solution design and deployment. It can be readily configured to support the needs of both transaction and case-based processes.

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Case Manager - Business Process Management - IPD Solutions

Content Manager [Content]

IBM Content Manager helps manage your ever-increasing collection of enterprise content. It supports document versioning and includes advanced search features to help end users find pertinent content in a variety of forms. The introduction of new content can be leveraged to initiate work processes safely and securely. Ultera integrates with content to provide meaningful information necessary to support specific use case needs.

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Content Manager-IPD Solutions

Operational Decision Manager [Decisions]

IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) helps you capture, analyze, and automate rules-based business decisions, from authorizing loans to determining an appropriate premium. Data captured through Ultera may be passed on to ODM for processing, and the result can be returned to inform an end user or automated work process.

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Operational Decision Manager-IPD Solutions

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