Ultera is built upon and leverages two major IBM software technologies for deployment and runtime: IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) and IBM Case Manager (ICM).

WAS provides the application container that manages the deployment and run-time aspects of Ultera. Application monitoring, authentication, shared libraries, logging, and scalability are leveraged by Ultera through the WAS application.

IBM Case Manager provides the foundational aspects for the Ultera application, including cases, tasks, content, and analytics. Using the IBM provided Java and REST API layer in IBM Case Manager, Ultera creates and manages all cases, associated tasks, and content inside of IBM Case Manager. Ultera provides a seamless business application for knowledge workers to perform their daily work and retrieves relevant cases and case data from ICM, via the API layer, and presents knowledge workers with a contextually aware view of their daily workload and required steps to process the work. Ultera is the essential business application layer that connects knowledge workers to the IBM Case Manager platform.

IPD is available for solution design, IBM installation and guidance on best practices. We are certified in IBM software underneath our solutions.

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