IPD Solutions has partnered with IBM for over 25 years to help enterprises overcome the limitations of their content and process management practices. We designed Ultera Enterprise and Ultera Foundations - applications that are built on top of IBM’s Digital Business Automation (DBA) platform - to reduce complexity, tailor the user experience and optimize workflows.

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The Platform

IBM’s Digital Business Automation platform provides industry leading capture, content management, business process automation, and business rules capabilities. It includes five critical areas: data capture, tasks, content, workflow, and decisions.




IBM Datacap captures, recognizes, and classifies video, audio, and print or digital text files. Its rich capabilities define and extract content from structured and unstructured documents.

Content Manager

IBM Content Manager uses document versioning and advanced search features to help enterprise personnel locate the information they need, quickly and easily. 

Case Manager

IBM Case Manager supports transaction and case-centric processes by automating structured and ad-hoc workflows. It offers consistent access to information, tasks and analytics. 

Operational Decision Manager 

IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) helps users capture, analyze, and automate rules-based business decisions. 

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Transforming the enterprise with IBM Digital Business Automation Software & IPD Solutions' Ultera Applications.

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The Products

Ultera Foundations 

Ultera Foundations is an out-of-the-box solution that supports departmental operations and business units. The application easily integrates with IBM Case Manager, and can be implemented in as little as 30 days. 

Ultera Enterprise 

Ultera Enterprise is designed for organizations looking to improve efficiency and cycle times in every business unit across the enterprise. The application accelerates deployment and addresses niche requirements by offering additional modules and pre-configured solutions for multiple use cases.