Transform Healthcare Pended Claims Processing with Ease using IPD Ultera Software

Healthcare claim exception handling resides on a spectrum of complexity, ranging from mismatched or duplicate information, to the newly defined and evolving practice of care management. As one of the world’s most regulated industries, U.S. Healthcare presents its stakeholders with an ever-growing list of challenges to growth. Cumbersome manual processes, mounting rules and regulations, rising healthcare costs and shrinking profit margins all work against desired outcomes.

Gaining ground will require improvements to those operational processes within an insurer’s control, especially the handling of data and documents in a way that allows the knowledge worker more focus on high-value work. Today’s healthcare provider must be nimble, intelligent and armed with the information for good decision-making on an enterprise-wide basis—an impossible task under most existing line-of-business systems.

IPD Ultera® can bring about this organizational transformation, and it can do so without the cost of system replacement or the inefficiency of continuous retrofitting. By leveraging the data residing in current administrative systems and the processes and content of a feature-rich ECM platform, Ultera® replaces the fragmented systems and processes with a user experience that is seamless, consolidated and comprehensive.

From one out-of-the-box suite of applications, Ultera® eliminates hundreds of manual medical claims processing operations, assigns incoming work to the right worker and keeps all information at the user’s fingertips within concise, simple-to-navigate user interfaces. Utility is immediate and ROI is beyond anything that similar products can claim.

The Solution is Ultera®.In a climate of mounting complexity, the challenge to become more competitive at lower costs may seem an impossible one. With the intelligence of Ultera® and the hidden power of your existing line-of-business systems, you can realize the same gains that other health carriers already have…

  • 99%+ claims paid within 30 days
  • 95%+ claims paid within 7 days
  • 1 day backlog of unprocessed claims
  • 97%+ claims processing accuracy
  • 10-month ROI