Health insurance operations are inherently complex and high volume. The manually intensive processes common to all insurance types are compounded by the simultaneous constraints of underwriting and the need to manage millions of claims, customer service requests and prior authorizations. And all of this must operate in a climate of tightening regulatory compliance and service levels.

For the Health Payer, the premium on being nimble, intelligent and well equipped for rapid, smarter decision-making is higher than ever. But for most organizations, the obstacles and challenges in current methods prevent truly transformational change.

New ways of handling work is the solution. IPD Ultera® provides business process transformation, without the high costs and inefficiencies of a major system replacement.

By leveraging the information in existing administrative systems and the processes and content of a feature-rich ECM platform, Ultera® replaces manual and fragmented tasks with a user experience that is seamless, consolidated and comprehensive.

Achieve true operational transformation with Ultera®…

  • Drive revenue growth
  • Eliminate manual and paper-based transactions
  • Consolidate all decision-making tasks, information, rules and history
  • Distribute work to the right staff through a collaborative workbench
  • Promote quality and consistency with integrated rules
  • Provide all information, so that decisions are fully informed
  • Streamline work processes
  • Improve cycle times
  • Enhance service levels

Learn more about how health insurance software from IPD meets the unique needs of Claims,New Business & Enrollments, Customer Service, Knowledge Worker Case Management,Exception Claim Handling, Investigations, and Prior Authorization.