Transform Health Insurance Operations with Specialized Health Insurance Software from IPD

The Health Insurance industry faces a long list of challenges hindering growth. Mounting rules and regulations and cumbersome manual processes contribute to rising costs and shrinking profits. Transforming operations, especially the handling of “work in process” in a way that allows knowledge workers to focus on high-value work, is a key strategy for addressing these challenges.

IPD Ultera® delivers this transformation without the cost of a major system replacement or the inefficiency of continuous retrofitting.

By bringing an integrated set of new capabilities to health-insurance operations, Ultera® provides…

  • Faster, smarter decision making
  • Better customer service
  • Higher productivity
  • Greater agility
  • Competitive differentiation

IPD Ultera® transforms all components of your health insurance operation: Claims, New Business & Enrollments, Customer Service, Knowledge Worker Case Management, Exception Claim Handling, Investigations, and Prior Authorization.