There is a cost effective way to transform your organization with faster loan and mortgage processing,superior customer service and increased agility to comply with changing regulatory rules. IPD Ultera® is the solution.

Generally, the lender who can quickly and accurately approve a loan wins the customer. However, dependence on manual and paper-based loan and mortgage approval processes hampers such outcomes. Ultera® offers a paperless work environment with workflow efficiencies and eliminates unnecessary tasks, providing a competitive edge and increased profits.

The number of hours (or days) a customer spends waiting to have an inquiry resolved or a loan approved is a great way to measure your level of customer service. If your response is measured in days instead of hours, that is a problem – one that will stunt growth. By integrating all the relevant content and data and automating manual tasks surrounding loan approvals, Ultera® will arm your team with the tools necessary to provide responses in minutes or hours, instead of days.

IPD clients have a competitive edge. With Ultera® they are no longer dependent on paper-based or manual processes. Once disparate systems are now unified across the enterprise, and all relevant information is at the decision makers’ fingertips.

With Ultera® IPD clients…

  • Eliminate manual, paper-based processes
  • Streamline information sharing and access across all business lines
  • Reduce transaction costs and processing times
  • Expand customer service offerings
  • Optimize business and IT efficiencies
  • Respond quickly and to agent and customer queries
  • Expedite service requests fully and effectively
  • Access relevant data buried deep in enterprise legacy applications
  • Apply account and loan-servicing guidelines consistently with rules-based workflows
  • Accelerate content and case-based business processes
  • Reduce costs associated with risk management and regulatory compliance mandates
  • Generate performance metrics
  • Improve time to market
  • Deliver real-time status updates to investors
  • Prevent fraud and secure information

These capabilities are delivered out-of-the-box, with little customization, providing a lower cost and less risky business transformation compared to a system replacement. Ultera® transforms enterprises by leveraging your existing content management platform, eliminating manual processes and providing complete automation across all systems and lines of business, delivering competitiveness and profitability.

Learn more about how IPD has developed Ultera® to address the unique needs of the banking and financial services industries: Claims, New Business & Enrollments, Customer Service,Knowledge Worker Case Management, Exception Claim Handling, Investigations, and Prior Authorization.