What functionality will be delivered by the new solution and how? What technology and resources are required to realize the envisioned solution? What steps can we take to minimize risk and ensure success?

Getting organized and settling on the solution scope before taking action significantly benefits the implementation and associated cost.

To help ensure positive outcomes, IPD can assist with:

  • Solution Conceptual Design
  • Customization/Integration
  • Implementation Project Management

How will work processes and software functionality come together to serve our business? What specifically will be provided? What will be implemented and how will it affect operations? What can we expect?

IPD has the experience, expertise and domain knowledge required to deliver operational transformation. IPD’s design assistance includes enhancing capabilities through configuration of platform and application components. Custom development is available for highly specific functionality and integration with other systems.


What work must occur to proceed from design to a complete solution? What functionality is delivered through configuration versus development? How will we move our business to the new solution? What will be involved in supporting our completed solution? How can we participate to help shape the solution, increase knowledge and reduce cost?


How do we make sure that our needs will be satisfied by the new solution? Is our business well prepared and ready to embrace the new solution? How do we maximize acceptance and training to optimize results?

IPD’s experience creating highly responsive solutions helps to ensure the achievement of organizational objectives, on schedule and budget.

IPD professional services commonly delivered during this stage include:

  • Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Solution Configuration
  • Solution Deployment
  • Business Rules Definition and Configuration
  • Solution Prototyping
  • Content Repository Migration Planning and Delivery
  • Work and Data Migration Planning and Delivery

Did we achieve the operational transformation results promised? Are we wisely using all of the functions and features available through the new solution?

IPD is available to assist in the review of measurable results and to support any adjustments necessary to optimize available operational benefits.

These services include:

  • Readiness Assessment and Cutover
  • End User Empowerment/Support