Transform Disability Case Processing with IPD Claims Management Software

One of the most complex and costly claims areas for life insurers is disability claims. Getting claimants back to work and doing so with high-quality service are the goals of any disability claims operation. The challenges of integrating information from many sources and processing case activity in a timely way, all while attempting to reduce costs and cycle times, can be formidable.

The obstacles to transformational improvement often seem significant and complex, requiring nothing less than a sea-change mindset and a massive commitment of resources to overcome them. However, there is a way to provide a solution without the need to replace your legacy business systems. [View the Operational Transformation Webinar to learn how]

IPD’s Ultera® allows insurers to transform operations by targeting all aspects of the claims-handling process: intake, case planning, task management, analytics, rules, history, data and documents. Our powerful disability solution puts it all at your fingertips through intuitive and simple-to-navigate user interfaces. For IPD customers, Ultera® is the solution that allows them to meet the challenges, surmount the obstacles and achieve complete operational transformation. The results are immediate and dramatic.

The Solution is Ultera®.In a climate of mounting complexity, the challenge to become more competitive at lower costs may seem an impossible one. With the intelligence of Ultera® and the hidden power of your existing line-of-business systems, you can realize the same gains that other disability carriers already have…

  • Lowest policy-lapse rates in the industry
  • Improved service levels and cycle times
  • Targeting of cases most likely to lead to more rapid “return to work” success
  • Millions in direct dollar savings per year