Inquiry and complaint handling may seem to be a customer-service task, but they often require ready access to information originating across the entire enterprise—sales, underwriting, enrollment and claims operations. Add to that the range of customer-service topics and the complexity of input forms—from mail, fax and phone to email, website and mobile devices—and it’s not hard to see why the process is unwieldy.

And as the demands in today’s regulatory and competitive climate grow, the challenges that your customer-service operations face grow more complex. Inquiries and complaints—from payment disputes to basic requests for policy information to complex changes in coverage—may require assistance from departments whose systems are often incompatible. Lack of agility is detrimental to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Moreover, it may bring into play those regulations and service-level agreements that penalize long processing cycles and poor customer-service performance.

As complex and demanding as the current environment may be, insurers using Ultera® are seeing their customer-service operations thrive. By leveraging the power of the underlying IBM platform and consolidating all data, content, actions, history and documents within easy-to-navigate user interfaces, Ultera optimizes customer-service operations by…

  • Providing end-to-end access to the status of work being performed throughout the enterprise.
  • Eliminating the need to move in and out of separate systems and applications.
  • Providing Customer Service Representatives with tools for creating and organizing follow-up task lists generated from any and all input forms.
  • Tracking the status of each action, ensuring that the appropriate follow-up is conducted and that comprehensive responses are provided.
  • Configuring the tasks, actions and the business rules governing their use for the unique needs of each insurer.
  • Growing as the enterprise grows and adapting as competitive and regulatory climates change.

The pressures to manage customer inquiries and complaints with greater speed and accuracy are mounting. With IPD Ultera, customer-service operations are simplifying their processes, responding to complexity with power, speed and control.

The Solution is Ultera.

In a climate of mounting complexity, the challenge to become more agile may seem an impossible one. With the intelligence of Ultera and the power of your existing line-of-business systems, you can realize the same gains that IPD clients in health, disability, workers’ compensation and P&C already have…

  • 95% first-call resolution rates
  • 45% increase in employee productivity
  • 100% management control of work-in-process
  • Less than 12-month ROI