Software Solutions to Enhance Customer Service, Automate Manual Tasks & Increase Business Agility

At the point where business operations meet customer inquiries and complaints, the potential for complexity is high. The business side brings its own disparate systems and processes, while the customer brings a seemingly infinite range of concerns. But complex doesn’t have to mean clumsy when such challenges are met with the power, speed and control of IPD Ultera®.

IPD is helping insurance companies navigate today’s complex customer-service environment with Ultera, an out-of-the-box application that delivers a rich suite of content and process-management functionality. Leveraging the power of the industry-leading IBM platform, Ultera provides the ultimate customer service experience by consolidating all information in intuitive user interfaces. With Ultera, our clients achieve remarkable results, including “first-call” resolution rates of 95% or better and an increase in employee productivity of 45%.

Ultera® drives revenue growth and profitability through…

  • Competitive differentiation. Smarter, faster and more consistent customer-facing processes attract and retain business.
  • Greater agility. Inquiries and complaints are handled with policy guidelines. All relevant information is at the customer service representative’s fingertips.
  • Improved Service. Rapid access to all data and documents, and higher “first call” resolution rates result in improved customer retention and referral.

Ultera means lower costs through…

  • Automation. Paper-based work is replaced by automated processes for a “hard dollar” ROI in under 12 months.
  • Flexibility. Scalable and configurable, Ultera is the best alternative to costly system replacement or continuous retrofitting that never seems to lead to transformative improvement.
  • Consistency. Organizational requirements are met with better control of the work process.
  • Efficiency. Structured and ad-hoc workflows are optimized through integrated user interfaces, delivering new enterprise-class capabilities to your knowledge workers.
  • Intelligence. Applications provide analytics for trend analysis and management oversight.