Streamline Business Processes with Credit and Contract Management Software

Ultera for Credit & Contract Management provides an integrated case management workbench and consolidated access to all information, without the need for a large scale replacement project, transforming operations.

Ultera for credit and contract management leverages enterprise-class Case Management, BPM, ECM, BRE, Analytics and Collaboration functionality from the IBM platform for depth of functionality, performance, stability, long-term support and agility. Ultera’s extensive case management capabilities supply all the functional improvements dealers need to optimize operational performance, reduce costs and improve turnaround rates while offering better lending decisions with the best customer experiences.

With Ultera, credit applications received by paper, fax, email, or via the web are captured, cataloged and stored in the IBM ECM repository. Ultera then applies configurable business rules to automate work distribution to the appropriate person at each step in the business process. It also enables systematic electronic auditing that minimizes human intervention.

Ultera uses configurable user interfaces (UI’s) to specify and complete the activities needed to process the application. Today, dealers access the application online, enter the data, and immediately transmit the information into an automated workflow. Once in the system, requests for third-party input, such as credit reports, can be made immediately.

Ultera for Credit and Contract Management enables dealers to manage processes in a cost-effective manner. With Ultera, manual application file assembly, searching and sorting are eliminated. The solution captures, catalogs and stores all application-related information and documents within an IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) repository to ensure the completeness of application files.

Ultera simplifies the review process via easy navigation to all pertinent application-related information, presenting documents and consolidated decision-making data in a single file view. Views into an application folder can be customized and secured based upon a user’s role.