Leverage IPD Claims Management Software to Resolve Your Company's Claims Handling Challenges

Complex claims rarely follow a fixed critical path. High-value cases, long-duration scenarios and special exception processing often require that claims be handled by knowledge workers already constrained by cumbersome systems and procedures. The confusion of working across multiple systems, the need for timely processing, a plethora of manual steps and the pressure to reduce costs must all be navigated while still providing competitive service quality. These are just some of the factors working against an optimal claims process.

Ultera®, IPD’s out-of-the-box application software that provides a comprehensive suite of capabilities, is the solution that insurers turn to for improving those operational processes involving complex claims: Disability/Life,Healthcare,Workers’ Compensation,Property & Causalty (P&C) and Cross-Industry.

Ultera® leverages the industry-leading capabilities of Business Process Management, Case Management, Enterprise Content Management and Business Rules available from IBM. It transforms claims operations across the enterprise but without the high cost and risk of a complete system replacement.

Ultera® drives revenue growth and profitability through…

  • Competitive differentiation. Smarter, faster and more consistent claims handling attracts and retains customers.
  • Greater agility. Knowledge workers can focus on the high-value work that customers appreciate, rather than juggling dozens of low-value manual tasks.
  • Minimizing claims costs. Imbedded rules, ease of use and training, supported collaboration and better work assignment help to prevent over-payments.
  • Improved Service. Reduced cycle times, rapid access to all claim-related information and increased “first call” resolution rates result in improved customer retention and referral.

Ultera® means lower costs through…

  • Automation. Eliminating hundreds of manual activities yields a “hard dollar” ROI in under 12 months.
  • Flexibility. Scalable and configurable, Ultera® is the best alternative to costly system replacement or continuous retrofitting that never seems to lead to transformative improvement.
  • Consistency. Organizational requirements are met with better control of the work process.
  • Efficiency. Structured and ad-hoc workflows are optimized through integrated user interfaces, delivering new enterprise-class capabilities to your knowledge workers

Ultera® meets regulatory and Service Level Agreement (SLA) Demands through…

  • Planning and Management. Establish the task-plan and performance metrics for each claim and then manage to successful completion.
  • Reporting. Deliver industry-leading performance through real-time dashboards, specialized reports and access to the complete claim file and history.
  • Access. Access to information, documentation and history provides improved focus on compliance metrics.
  • Process Optimization. Manage your performance automatically and achieve operational outcomes beyond the demands of your customers and regulators.