Care Management Solutions for Improved Collaboration & Visibility

The health care industry depends on the successful collaboration of Health plans and hospitals. These relationships stress the importance of speed and connectivity between all entities involved in member care. To successfully treat members, care management providers must improve their processes.

IPD Solutions can help your organization streamline case management operations, automate workflows and eliminate costs. By changing these factors, your member loyalty will improve and your customer base will expand. 

Our Care Management Solution will allow you to: 

  • Consume medical records from outside facilities, or make changes to member statuses
  • Expedite processing of incoming data and documents
  • Automatically initiate prioritized reviews and event escalations, employing multiple alerts and reminders
  • Simplify case file management with integrated views of needed information
  • Eliminate manual searching, sorting and case assembly
  • Customize and secure access based upon a user’s role—care managers can view their member census or individual members' records
  • Present medical history, personal information, and other data/records on desktop or mobile devices
  • Consolidate decision-making and task management into a workbench that prioritizes work for efficient handling
  • Modernize existing business systems without large-scale replacement
  • Provide a comprehensive audit trail of all case related data, content, tasks and interventions
  • Use dynamic reporting tools to identify inefficiencies and understand individual or group performance metrics

These factors have produced the following results for IPD Solutions clients:

  • Higher productivity and reduced operational costs by reducing manual tasks
  • Improved outcomes resulting from 360-degree view and control of case files
  • Reduced overhead costs from simple user configuration, allowing business users to adjust the solution as changes in customer demands occur
  • Low total cost of ownership and a compelling return on investment
  • Low-risk, 6-8 week implementation period