Care Management Software Solutions for True Connectivity & Collaboration

The state of health care is in flux--whether we like it or not. Health plans and hospitals are finding a greater need for true connectivity and collaboration among all entities involved in member care. Care management is now being called upon to expand to handle the vital information needed to successfully treat members. IPD has 23+ years of experience helping organizations streamline case management operations, automate processes and eliminate costs so they can improve member loyalty and expand their business.

IPD Ultera® Care Manager…

  • Consumes medical records from outside facilities, or changes to the member’s status
  • Expedites processing of newly received information
  • Automatically triggers prioritized reviews and event escalations, employing multiple alerts and reminders
  • Simplifies case file management by providing an integrated view into all pertinent information
  • Eliminates manual searching, sorting and case assembly
  • Customizes and secures access based upon a user’s role—care managers can view their member census and drill down to the individual member’s record to initiate the necessary interventions to support a safe and comprehensive transition of care plan
  • Presents medical and demographic content, information and history via the desktop or mobile devices
  • Consolidates decision-making and task management into a workbench that prioritizes work for efficient handling
  • Effectively modernizes and revitalizes existing business systems, without the need for a large-scale replacement project
  • Provides a comprehensive audit trail of all case related; data, content, tasks and interventions
  • Offers dynamic reporting tools to identify inefficiencies and understand individual and group performance metrics

Ultera® means lower cost through...

  • Higher productivity and reduced operational costs through the significant reduction of manual tasks and ease of training and use
  • Better outcomes through a 360-degree view and control of case files
  • Reduction in overhead costs because of IPD’s high degree of configurability, allowing business users to adapt the system to new customer needs
  • Delivering a low total cost of ownership and a compelling return on investment, with complete payback in less than 12 months
  • A solution proven to implement faster and with lower risk than custom-built solutions