What is possible? What are others in my industry doing? Where can we have the greatest impact and gain the greatest value? Where do we begin?

IPD is available to assist with:

  • Demos
  • Discovery Workshops
  • Feasibility Studies/Cost Benefit Analysis

How can I become more familiar with what is possible? How significantly can my business operations be improved? How well will the underlying technology fit within our enterprise architecture? How readily can the solution integrate with our existing and planned systems?

IPD assists clients gain greater knowledge and experience through a variety of services, including:

  • Cloud-based Lab Services
  • Proof of Concept Services
  • Requirements Mapping
Get Ready

How can we move forward toward operational transformation? What should we consider in preparing to move ahead? Is our organization ready to proceed forward?

IPD assists the progression with the following services:

  • Process Analysis & Redesign
  • Implementation Planning
  • Software Selection and Installation
  • Readiness Assessment

IPD helps you understand the rich possibilities available to transform operations with solutions leveraging case management, process and content management technologies. While sharing the knowledge and extensive industry experience and expertise gained through our many successful implementations.