Am I leveraging all the new system has to offer? How can we minimize our efforts keeping up with changing infrastructure, platform and application software needs?

IPD will continue to work with you to meet all your needs and requirements and provide additional value. Professional services available to support and develop knowledge and positive experience include:

  • Ongoing Communication
  • Ongoing Training and Support
  • Software Maintenance and Support
  • Platform and Application Software and Upgrade Assistance
Extend & Tune

How can we further increase the value of our investment? How can we use our licensed software to address additional business needs for competitive advantage? Are there other business areas that need operational transformation?

IPD works with you to optimize the benefits realized through an IPD solution. Whether it is investigating opportunities to enhance the end user experience, extend functionality using our published Software Developers Toolkit (SDK), or seeking other business areas that need transformation, IPD has the solution. Examples of available professional services include:

  • Performance Tuning Consultation
  • SDK Training
  • Refine Functionality
  • Increase Integration
  • Assess Transformative Technologies and Capabilities
Guide and Direct

IPD solutions leverage a variety of technologies to deliver transformation objectives. What may begin as a limited scope, department-based solution can quickly expand to serve broader, enterprise needs. As demands increase, many organizations begin to consider establishing a Center of Excellence (COE) for maintaining best practices in the use, roll-out, operational and maintenance of the solution and its underlying technologies.

Center of Excellence Consultation – How are others gaining synergy around the technologies being used to transform business operation? How can we better leverage what we have learned to transform other business area? What roles are commonly served by a Center of Excellence (COE)?

Creating a COE, or competency center, supports the efficient planning, implementation, enhancement and leveraging of solutions and technologies. IPD professional services are available to consult with organizations interested in launching or reviewing a COE. We offer insight to help drive the use of IPD Ultera® and associated content management, business process management, rules and case management technologies. Topics commonly reviewed include:

  • Organization Structure and Roles
  • Best Practices
  • COE Performance Assessment

Through our industry experts, IPD is with you every step of the operational transformation process. We work harmoniously with you and your team to achieve a truly transformative solution enhancing revenue growth and customer satisfaction, while saving time, money and resources.